How to Meditate (Like a Pro)

Meditation can always seem like a difficult thing to get into. We all like the sound of wanting to meditate but when it comes down to it, we end up telling ourselves we never have the time, that we can’t focus, that we can’t get our minds into it, or maybe that it’s just not for us. However practicing meditation has some serious benefits for our mind, body and soul and can be an easy practice to integrate into our schedules with dedication. Like anything, meditation will not just come to us (not saying this is true for everyone, you may meditate once and it will just click) but for most, practicing meditation is like learning to drive a car or getting into a fitness regime at the gym. It takes time, practice and dedication to master it. I’m here to kick start your meditation practice and provide you with tips I’ve learned that have helped me meditate like a pro.


This step is crucial prior to beginning your meditation. Background noise can interfere with your meditation and be a serious distraction. So make sure you find a quiet safe place with no disruptions. Think about going to your room and closing your door, or meditating outside in your backyard (as long as you have one and your neighbours aren’t mowing the lawn -_-). Just find your sanctuary, a place where you feel comfortable and safe.


There’s really no special way to meditate. You can meditate sitting cross legged on the ground with your hands resting in your lap (called Easy Pose) or in your thighs with palms facing up (or using other mudras*). Sitting in a chair, or laying on your back with arms by your side and palms facing up. It’s important to have your palms facing up because it invites openness and reflection (however some mudras do not require this).

*Mudras are symbolic gestures you make with your hands while practicing meditation, each mudra symbolizes something different – if you’d like to know more on this comment below and I’ll make a separate post.


There’s no wrong or right way to meditate. Do whatever feels comfortable for you. When I first started meditating I found guided meditation the easiest. Guided meditation provides newbies with some guidance as to what to feel, how to breathe, at what pace, and can also provide various outcomes (worthiness, white light, manifestation, etc). Once I became more comfortable with meditating I moved on without the guided audio. What I found was that I was less able to concentrate while meditating in complete silence, therefore found peaceful meditation music. Meditating with soft music (think chimes, water flowing, birds humming) helped me to feel more at ease and relaxed, which allowed me to optimize my meditation experience.

My favourite music and audio:

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Apps for Meditation


Meditation is all about focusing on your breathing. Ensure that you are taking deep slow breaths in through your nose and out through your nose. You can also say mantras* as you meditate. Sometimes people will breath deeply in through their nose and release an om in the exhale out through their mouth. You may also repeat a mantra to yourself with each exhale out that speaks to you. Whatever you do, concentrate on your breathing, keep it focused, and controlled.

*Mantras can be either a single word, a combination of words or phrases that can be said in repetition through meditation. For some examples of mantras simply just google “mantra examples”, you may find one that sits with you and give it a go.


Now I know you think that with meditation you have to solely be thinking about your breathing and nothing else and when thoughts pop in your mind you think you’re doing it all wrong and suck at meditation. This isn’t the case at all! Meditation is opening up your subconscious mind, which will obviously lead to various thoughts popping up. This is completely normal, however rather than running your mind into these thoughts let them go. Accept their presence and refocus yourself on your breathing. You may find yourself having to remind yourself every 2 seconds, or every few minutes, do not be discouraged. With further practice your mind will adapt and the thoughts will spread further and further apart. Keep going!


Meditating once will not solve all your problems and leave you with all the benefits it has to offer. Meditation is a continued practice that eventually becomes a way of life. Try and squeeze in at least 1, if not two 20-minute sessions of meditation in your day. Believe me you will soon see and feel the benefits and changes within your self with continued practice. If you don’t think you have enough time for 20 minutes, remember, we have 72 twenty minute slots in our day, that still leaves you with 71 twenty minute slots remaining for whatever else your day has planned. You have the time!

I hope you enjoyed this post and are on your way to become a meditation pro, and if you have any questions whatsoever feel free to leave a comment down below or e-mail me. Thanks lovelies. xx


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